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Being a family of farmers, we are socially and culturally committed to our community. Our initiative 'Project Saurashtra Peanuts' - A sustainable approach to Peanut Cultivation in India, creates awareness amongst the peanut growing farmers of India.

We are Farmers first.
The primary agenda of the project is to make farming sustainable for farmers by implementation of scientific farming techniques, increasing the quality of yields, controlling mycotoxins and following Good Agricultural Practices. We aim to reduce their input costs by minimising the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Along with providing farmers with organic fertilizers and bio-controls we also pay a premium to the farmers for their quality produce.

project Saurashtra
project Saurashtra
project Saurashtra
project Saurashtra

More than 20,000 farmers have enrolled in the project and these farmers are now adopting the sustainable practices of agriculture in their farming.The farmers are counselled on the right methods of soil testing, sowing method, insect & pest management, aflatoxin control methods, protection against crop diseases, judicious use of farm inputs, pre & post harvesting techniques and other extended services. Regular training sessions are conducted in our inhouse 'Farmer Training Centre' capable of hosting more than 250 farmers at a time.

Agricultural Scientists and company appointed agronomists conduct monitoring & evaluation and impact assessment exercises on a regular basis. The project also overlooks distribution of inputs like organic fertilizers, bio-controls for pest management, new varietal seeds and other farming essentials to farmers. The project has its easy to use mobile app through which farmers can get relevant information about peanut cultivation, interact with each other and agronomists, they can keep log of their inputs and monitor progress.