From humble beginnings to Peanut Pioneers

project Saurashtra
project Saurashtra
project Saurashtra
project Saurashtra

Khedut Feeds and Foods Pvt. Ltd.,is an Indian family owned agro-processing company.Starting out as a transition from farming to peanut-oil manufacturing in 1967, we have come a long way today becoming preferred suppliers of peanuts and peanut related products to the World.

For more than five decades, we have kept expanding our Industrial footprint, but at heart we still remain a business built on traditional values and the culture of agriculture.From humble beginnings to Peanut Pioneers. We consistently create value by improving our processes, introducing innovative technologies and making steady progress towards becoming the World’s Best Peanut Company

40000 sq. Mts

Raw Material
Storage Area

300 MT per day

Shelling, grading and
processing capacity

120 MT per day

Roasting and
Blanching Capacity

100 MT per day

Oil Manufacturing

Team Khedut

We are a Family of Farmers, hard-workers on the field, we are also Doctors, Engineers, Biologists and even Designers, but one thing common in us is that all of us are passionate about our industry. Each member of the family is required to hold oneself responsible for contributing to the success of the Company, to make quality and our people a priority, and to work with integrity.

Farmers First, always.